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Psalm 23 Transition Society

"If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs, alcohol and homelessness - and seeks lasting freedom from addiction, we can help."

  Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery Home 

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Psalm 23 Transition Society is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to supporting those who want to overcome their addictions through a wholistic program of recovery, restoration and re-integration.

We offer a comprehensive life changing curriculum that includes:

  • safe, supportive transitional housing 
  • nutritious, home cooked meals and clean clothing
  • addiction recovery education
  • individual mentoring and group counselling
  • academic upgrading and advancement  
  • recreational and physical wellness activities 
  • vocational skills training and job search
  • community service and participation and...
  • on-going peer mentoring and community support for relapse prevention.

Our purpose is to educate, train and restore individuals, families and communities struggling with substance abuse to lead empowered addiction free lives.

This innovative process equips and empowers men and women with new, healthier ways of thinking, acting and living - in alignment with holistic Christian values and principles.

We believe every person has infinite value and worth.

That's why Psalm 23's residential recovery program and professional addiction counselling services are open to all men, regardless of background, race, spiritual beliefs, financial means, etc.

If you're wounded or broken by your addiction; feeling disconnected or struggling in a marriage or unhealthy relationship; dealing with anxiety, depression or a physical illness, you will be warmly embraced and supported here.

Since 2001, hundreds of people have successfully completed this unique, life transforming journey of healing to become addiction free. And thousands more have been touched and inspired by Psalm 23's community outreach and addiction education initiatives.

Our focus is not only to help those with addictions "get clean", but also to "stay clean" and to bridge them back into society as healthy, contributing citizens.

Many Psalm 23 Alumni have moved forward to live full, satisfying and independent lives as productive members in their communities.

There is hope - and a new future waiting for all who earnestly seek it. 


Our Mission

To operate a compassionate outreach ministry to those suffering from homelessness, poverty and drug and alcohol addiction, while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit as the Source of true inner healing and the means of overcoming substance abuse.

To operate transition houses and a recovery treatment centre for individuals by providing practical counselling, mentoring and support based on Christian values, psycho-emotional therapeutic practices and 12 Step recovery principles.

To provide educational upgrading, vocational training and employment procurement assistance to individuals striving to live addiction free who wish to enter or re-enter the workforce.

 The Psalm 23 Recovery Training Centre at 59 Mile

and future site of Village of Hope

Now serving all communities throughout British Columbia

Psalm 23 Recovery Training Centre

"Do you know someone who struggles with alcohol or drug addiction?"

Psalm 23 can help. We welcome Referrals from friends, family members, counsellors, social workers, parole officers, detox centres, churches, doctors, lawyers, social service agencies, police officers, hospitals, homeless shelters, alcohol and drug treatment centres and other street outreach ministries.

Please call 604-870-5616 or email
psalm23society@shaw.ca .