Living With Addiction - The Desperate Need 

Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery

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If you or someone you know has experienced drug abuse and/or alcohol addiction, you already know the devastation it can cause in peoples' lives.

The tragic impacts are many. They include:

  • broken relationships and marriages 
  • stress, anxiety and depression 
  • lost jobs 
  • ruined careers 
  • children being neglected - even given up to foster care 
  • financial crisis 
  • deteriorating health 
  • rising accident and crime rates 
  • homelessness - and if left untreated, ultimately... 
  • an early death. 

Did you know? In British Columbia alone, each year an average of 3,140 men (women were not included in the survey) are released back into the community from

  • detox centres  
  • hospital psychiatric wards 
  • drug and alcohol treatment centres and 
  • the prison system. 

Without the right kind of effective, long term addiction recovery support,

  • 65% of these men will relapse within 3 months 
  • 70% within 6 months 
  • 85% within 9 months and 
  • 90% to 95% within the first year. 

Since 2006, we've experienced a dramatic increase in referrals to our Psalm 23 Training Centre and Alumni residences. And the urgent demand for a sustainable recovery solution is only increasing daily.

Lives and futures are at stake.

That's why Psalm 23 is committed to reaching out to men and women seeking lasting freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our program is proven effective in supporting those struggling with substance abuse, poverty and/or homelessness to overcome the self-destructive habits destroying their lives.

With your gift, you can stand in the gap with us - and help make a life changing difference - one person at a time.