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Thinking of selling or trading in your old car? Or perhaps you just simply want to get rid of it?

Now you can donate your car or any motor vehicle - van, camper, truck, trailer, motorcycle, bus or even a boat - to Psalm 23 Transition Society.

Not only will you receive a tax receipt, saving you many dollars off your income taxes, but you'll also have the satisfaction of knowing you're making a real difference in the life of an Alumni or a deserving family in the community.

Here's why:

1. For those residents who do not have one of their own, we like to reward deserving students who have achieved "one full year of sobriety" one of our donated vehicles. For many, this gives them ample incentive to stay in the program long enough to break their addiction and transform their lives forever.

To "Donate A Vehicle" to Psalm 23, please call 604-870-5616 or email

2. On other occasions, you could be blessing a deserving family in the community as in the following newspaper article:


Paying It Forward With Van Giveaway

   Psalm 23 Donate A Vehicle - Paying It Forward

Rose Raphael, Maria Raphael, Darci-Rose Raphael (left), Marvin and Shelley Declare (centre) 

and Leon and Amaranta Chretien (right)

By Ken Alexander - 100 Mile House Free Press
Published May 31, 2012 8:00 AM

100 Mile House - Life will be a little easier for 70 Mile House resident and single mom Maria Raphael and her daughter, Darci-Rose, after they picked up their 1994 seven seat-Dodge Caravan SE van at Sunrise Ford on May 19.

The Raphaels didn't have a vehicle and it is tough to get around in 70 Mile without one. They had to rely on mom and grandma Rose Raphael for transportation.

Psalm 23 Transition Society Executive Director Marvin Declare provided the impetus for the van giveaway through the society's Donate A Vehicle Program through which the community reaches out to help a family in need with the gift of a vehicle.

He talked to other 100 Mile businesses in search for help to make the program work locally.

Psalm 23 Training Centre student Albert Able volunteered to check out and make needed repairs to the van.

Sunrise Ford principal dealer Leon Chretien jumped on board and donated the detailing and also provided new tires for the van. 100 Mile Glass supplied the glass replacement, parts and labour.

The selection of the recipient for the van was determined by an essay-writing contest, and it was grandma Rose's submission that tipped the scales in her daughter's favour.

When it came time to pick up the van, there was a lot of smiling, laughing, and more than a few tears.

Declare says the whole project went better than he expected and he was really pleased with the outcome.

"To be able to watch the emotion of Maria receiving this vehicle showed us this was meant to be. It fortified the fact this is something we can continue to do."

Chretien was also happy about the way everything turned out.

"This is all about paying it forward. We don't want people to be worried about coming forward and accepting something and thinking it is a handout.

"We're reaching out to give people a hand up to the next level...we can't always control our circumstances. It's hoped that people will walk away from something like this and say, "As soon as I can, I'm going to do something big for someone else'."



To "Donate A Vehicle" to Psalm 23, please call 604-870-5616 or email