Psalm 23 - Community Endorsements

Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery Endorsements

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 "...has the full support"

“As an organization, we have found this recovery house to be committed to its programs and the rehabilitation of clients residing at the facility. Given the nature of and the proliferation of Recovery Facilities, Community Corrections is always thankful when a Recovery House is consistent in its program, treament of clients and professionalism of its staff. Psalm 23 Transition Society is one such program in Abbotsford and has the full support of Abbotsford Community Corrections office.”

Ivor Day, Local Manager

Mission / Abbotsford Community Corrections

"a viable and effective resource"

“We have frequently referred our clients to Psalm 23 for transition into the community and aftercare. Marvin and his staff have consistently met the needs of our clients and we have come to regard his transitional house as a viable and effective resource in the Fraser Valley area. We fully support the efforts of Psalm 23 and wish them continued success.

Jim Ligertwood, Manager of Counselling Services

The Salvation Army
Cordula and Gunter Paetzold Rehabilitation Centre

"accepted my friend, just as Christ accepted us without judgment"

“I had the opportunity to see God’s purpose for Psalm 23 when I brought a battered, bloodied and bruised friend who desperately was seeking help for his addiction, to Marvin late one night. Marvin accepted my friend, just as Christ accepted us without judgment, and brought him into his home. Through simple intentional acts of kindness partnering with Love Abbotsford Celebration at Agrifair, I have worked shoulder to shoulder with these men serving others while serving God."

Larry Krause, Letter to Editor

Chilliwack Progress Newspaper

 "giving men and their families a true second chance"

 “We commend Psalm 23 on their services, caring staff and active involvement in the community. Psalm 23 has demonstrated a commitment through its staff and programming in helping lost and lonely men get out of the struggle of addictions and to introduce them to a new way of life. Psalm 23 is truly endeavouring to be part of the solution in the Fraser Valley by giving men and their families a true second chance and we support these efforts.”

Steve Thompson, Chair - Board of Elders

Mission Alliance Church

"clients frequently ask to go to Psalm 23"

“We at Kinghaven Treatment Centre welcome Psalm 23 as a part of our community of service to addicted clients. Kinghaven clients frequently ask to go to Psalm 23 following their 10 weeks of intensive treatment so that the transition to the community can be a gradual and more empowering experience. In Abbotsford, it is very dificult for us to find transitional housing that respects the needs of the clients and treats them in an honorable and respectful manner.

Psalm 23 is always our first choice of such houses because of the manner in which they address client issues. Kinghaven's experience with Psalm 23 has always been very positive and we would support any initiative they might undertake to continue to serve the addiction population.

Milt Walker, Executive Director

Kinghaven Treatment Centre

"have a very good "succcess" rate"

"We here at Love Abbotsford feel that Psalm 23 Transition Society has a very good program working with those struggling with addictions. They have a very good "succcess" rate for those completing the programs and Marvin Declare's leadership of the residents is straight forward and honest. We highly recommend this organization."

Kevin Boese, Coordinator

Love Abbotsford

"doing a great job of getting men reintegrated into society and away from the addictions"

"Marvin has walked where many of our addicted youth are walking and he understands them and their need for help. Psalm 23 is doing a great job of getting men reintegrated into society and away from the addictions that had held them captive. Our community is well served by Psalm 23 and I believe worthy of our support.”

Tony de Waal, Area Director

Restorative Justice

"have witnessed the highest level of character and integrity"

"They display an admirable passion to help the community at large, and individual men specifically, by offering vital teaching, training, support structure, spiritual guidance, encouragement and shelter to men who are seriously seeking to see their lives transition back to health.

In every venue where I have observed Psalm 23, I have witnessed the highest level of character and integrity which enables me to unhesitatingly recommend them to you for your support."

Jim Penner, Senior Pastor

Immanuel Fellowship Baptist Church

"a positive, progressive organization that is a significant contributor"

“As a fellow service provider in the Abbotsford and Mission area, I have found Psalm 23 to be a positive, progressive organization that is a significant contributor to the growth and social development within our area.

Psalm 23 has demonstrated a commitment to providing quality service through its staff and programming. Psalm 23 has also demonstrated a willingness to work closedly with other agencies to help provide the best possible service to participants, and as a result, has developed productive and positive relationships in the community.

It is my professional and personal opinion that Psalm 23 has the qualifications and networking ability to successfully identify and address the concerns of our addicted community. I am confident that not only will they address the concern, but they will also provide alternatives and positive objectives to alleviate the ever-imposing problem.

Triangle Community Resources, Inc. would be very pleased to support Psalm 23 and look forward to helping in whatever capacity we are able.

Brian Chiasson, Contracts Manager / Owner

Triangle Community Resources Inc.