Will You Stand In The Gap With Us?

5 Great Ways To Financially Support Those Seeking

To Change Their Lives and Be Addiction Free

Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery Give

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The cost for each student going through the Psalm 23 Recovery Program is $1650.00 per month. 

This covers their room, meals and enrollment in the program, as well as a share of Psalm 23's operating overhead which includes administration, building and property maintenance, staff salaries, utilities etc.

Many of our residents are on welfare, disability or EI. The maximum dollars they receive in any given month is $927.

To make up the difference, we rely on the generosity of our donors, supporters corporate sponsors and foundations. We gratefully accept all donations be they goods-in-kind, professional or industrial services and/or financial contributions.

Your gift is tax deductible and an income tax receipt will be sent to you in January. If your business has a different fiscal year-end, we can arrange to have the receipt sent at your requested time.

Here are five ways to partner with Psalm 23 Transition Society.

1. Adopt a Bed
2. Sponsor a Meal
3. Sponsor a Staff Member
4. The Hope Fund
5. The Starfish Club


1. Adopt a Bed 

 Psalm 23 Adopt A Bed

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  The Adopt A Bed sponsorship supports one student resident in getting the addiction recovery treatment they need to turn their life around.

  Your monthly gift of $500 or more will greatly help fund the month's cost of this student's stay at Psalm 23, while a $1650 gift will fund their entire month's stay.

  In recognition of your Adopt A Bed sponsorship, we will place a plaque with a name of your choosing on the door of the bedroom of your sponsored student.

  This sponsorship can be undertaken by an individual, a company, a church group, a family, a service club or even as a memorial for a loved one.

  If desired, you will also receive regular anonymous (if appropriate) recovery progress letters from the person in the bed you are sponsoring.

  Download "The Psalm 23 Financial Donation Form"



2. Sponsor A Meal

Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery Sponsor Meal

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The daily meal cost for a single resident is $3.23.

  With Sponsor A Meal, you could fund the meals for any number of students on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for as many days or weeks or months you wish. For example, with 18 residents, you would fund $58.14 per day. And 38 residents would require funding of $122.74 per day.

  We are able to keep our meal costs relatively low, thanks to the regular food donations we receive from other generous supporters.

  Sponsor A Meal is a very flexible charitable giving opportunity for your family, church group, service club or business to help supply our recovery students with three nutritious meals and snacks per day.

  Your sponsorship will be recognized in Psalm 23's periodic e-newsletters, our website and other publications.

   Download "The Psalm 23 Financial Donation Form"



  3. Sponsor A Staff Member

 Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery Sponsor Staff

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  As Psalm 23 seeks to keep up with the demand for our recovery services, we are starting to experience a significant staff shortage. We know competent and dedicated staff members are the backbone of any growing non-profit organization.

  To remain highly effective in providing Psalm 23's recovery programs, we must begin to strategically bring on board more staff in the form of addictions counsellors, program facilitators, care teamworkers and work therapists, as well as physical plant personnel and administrative staff.

  By sponsoring a staff member's salary, you will make an immediate and incredibly powerful and direct impact on our current recovery outreach efforts. In addition to allowing us to serve more students in desperate need, your staff member sponsorship will greatly accelerate the momentum towards our vision of building "Village of Hope at 59 Mile."

  This is a unique charitable giving opportunity for the “Missions Budget” within your church, the "Corporate Giving/Community Responsibility" department in your business or for a private donor of means to invest in a high leverage, high social return position.

  If sponsoring a Psalm 23 staff member inspires you, please contact our Founder and Executive Director, Marvin Declare at 604-870-5616 or psalm23society@shaw.ca.

 Download "The Psalm 23 Financial Donation Form"



 4. The Hope Fund

Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery Hope

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  Every month, an average of two hurting men come to our doors, desperately wanting to get off the streets.

  They are ready and willing to get themselves into recovery. But they will have absolutely no immediately available funds. For some, opening a file for them at welfare will take up to 3 to 5 weeks before funding arrives. Others will not qualify for welfare, so they will be left with no income - and no hope.

  We at Psalm 23 are committed to never turning away any man or woman in desperate need of food, shelter and recovery support, due to a lack of money.

  That's why we created The Hope Fund.

  This life-saving fund is used to pay for a student's stay until his funding is in place - or failing that, to cover the entire cost of his recovery until he is able to find gainful employment.

  The daily cost of providing food, shelter and the recovery program to one resident is $55.

  By your generous one time or regular donation of any amount to The Hope Fund, you will be extending a critical lifeline of hope and support to those without the financial means to afford their own treatment.

  This is a great opportunity to make a life giving difference for any individual, group or business that has a desire to bring hope and healing to the less fortunate in our communities.

Download "The Psalm 23 Financial Donation Form"



  5. The Starfish Club - Monthly Giving

Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery Starfish Club

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   "As I walked along the seashore, this young boy greeted me. He was tossing stranded starfish back to the deep blue sea. With every starfish he would say, "Back you go, where you belong. You're safe now, so hurry home. Your family's waiting for you, little starfish, hurry on!" I said, "Tell me why you bother. Why do you waste your time this way? There are millions of stranded starfish. Does it matter anyway?" He stooped and picked up another, and looked me in the eye. "It matters to this one. This starfish will not die!" With that, he tossed the little life back to where there was hope."

  We know there are thousands suffering from addiction, mental illness and extreme poverty in B.C. Many are homeless and living out there on the streets in our very own communities. We know we cannot save them all. But with your financial support, we can take in one wounded "starfish" at a time, nurture them back to health and bridge them back into their families and the community.

  As a Starfish Club Member, you will join the growing family of monthly donors who stand with us to ensure Psalm 23 remains a strong, vibrant ministry committed to bringing Christian love, hope and care to those struggling with addiction, poverty and homelessness.

  You can become a Starfish Club Member for as little as $30/month or a Business Starfish Club Member for $50/month.

  With both monthly memberships, you will receive our quarterly e-newsletter keeping you up-to-date on struggles, successes and happenings around Psalm 23 Transition Society.

 Download "The Psalm 23 Financial Donation Form"



How To Make A Financial Donation

1. By Phone: Interact or credit cards can be called into the Psalm 23 office: 604-870-5616

2. By Mail: Cheques can be made out to "Psalm 23 Transition Society" and sent to:

Psalm 23 Transition Society

3427 Clearbrook Road

Abbotsford, BC V2T 4P1

Download "The Psalm 23 Financial Donation Form"

3. Online: Make a donation quickly and easily via Paypal or credit card: