Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery -

Harnessing The Healing Power of Community

 "Psalm 23 recognizes the extraordinary healing power of community where people live together and support one another in the pursuit of lasting sobriety and a healthier, more productive lifestyle."


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Within the Psalm 23 community, students are expected to take responsibility for not only their own recovery, but they're also encouraged to be vigilant in fostering the recovery of others. In this way, we believe we are our "brother's keeper."

In our caring, compassionate and supportive culture, students are encouraged to watch the attitudes and actions of their peers - and to be proactive in provoking positive change.

Whether in group counselling sessions, during social and meal times or simply outside working on a project together, students offer corrective feedback to any self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviors they notice in their fellow residents. At the same time, each person is encouraged to be open to hearing, receiving and embracing feedback.

Through this process of developing authentic and accountable relationship, students learn to speak their truth, while listening to others with openness, empathy and respect.

As they learn of the struggles and victories of others on the journey to lasting recovery, they discover they're not alone in their quest to change their lives - and that everyone is in this together.

In living with others in the Psalm 23 community, students gain powerful insights into the roots of their own addiction. With daily application of recovery principles and Christian spiritual practices, they are empowered to develop healthy new attitudes, values and lifestyles. In essense, through God's grace, they transform their lives and create new futures.

Each student progressing to the next level of their recovery journey is challenged to take on greater responsibility, both within the program and in helping out with the daily chores around the Psalm 23 community. They are also expected to be positive role models and mentors to new students entering the program. In this way, they build leadership confidence and character.

Everyone is expected to reach out to the newer members, show care for them and bring them into the community. In this way, no one is left an "outsider" and everyone feels welcomed, valued and included. For many, this will be the first time in their lives that they've ever experienced a true sense of "family".

Psalm 23's vibrant spirit of community is extended outwards to the surrounding cities and towns through outreach events, public addiction education workshops, fundraising activities and community service projects. Closest to our hearts is being of service and contribution to the elderly and role models to our youth.

We're excited to have recently launched our expansion plans to build Village of Hope at 59 Mile - a holistic Christian healing community for all people. You can take an amazing visionary "Future Tour" of Village of Hope 2020 here.