Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery -

A Holistic Residential Program That Works  

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"Short term programs simply do not give those struggling with addiction the time, attention and on-going support needed to sustain a long term sobriety."


We recognized early on that something radically different needed to be done to break the vicious cycle of repeated relapses to achieve a lasting freedom from addiction. 

To this end, we developed Psalm 23's comprehensive program of holistic recovery, restoration and reintegration. It is a highly structured, abstinence based alcohol and drug addiction treatment designed to effectively foster a lasting, addiction free lifestyle change.

The Psalm 23 addiction recovery program goes far beyond addressing substance abuse habits alone. It gets straight to the mental, emotional and spiritual root causes and treats the whole person by offering resident students:

  • safe supportive housing; nutritious meals, and clean clothing 
  • Christian spiritual development, mentoring and care  
  • educational, vocational and life skills training  
  • community outreach and meaningful service opportunities  
  • individual and group counselling sessions and...  
  • ongoing peer and community support, encouragement and accountability.  

Each element is necessary to initiate and sustain a student's long term recovery and return to positive citizenship. No stone is left unturned. Every aspect required to live a lasting addiction free life is addressed. These include:

1. Emotional: To release the underlying shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, depression, unworthiness, anger and abandonment driving the addiction, while transforming a negative self image to one of a positive self-identity, acceptance and respect.

2. Physical: To develop habits of healthy self-care including regular exercise, nutritious cooking and eating, as well as proper rest, relaxation and sleeping habits.

3. Academic: To engage in lifelong learning including the completion of secondary and post-secondary education through online upgrade courses.    

4. Social: To learn to live in positive, supportive relationships with other students, while selflessly serving the community without expectation of reward.

5. Spiritual: To cultivate an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ with spiritual practices including prayer (talking to God), meditation (being still and listening for His voice); scripture reading for guidance and strength; church attendance for inspiration and worship; and small group ministry as a way of learning teamwork, while giving back to the community.

6. Vocational: To gain valuable job skills in a variety of possible careers including: Construction, Woodworking, Auto Mechanics, Food Safe Cooking and Restaurant Management, Janitorial, Outreach and Support Worker, Recycling, Farming and Greenhouse Management, Small Business Management and others.

7. Financial: To learn how to earn, save, budget, spend and give money wisely.


Download Psalm 23's Program Application Form here: Psalm 23 - Application.pdf


 Psalm 23's Five Level Recovery Journey -

Providing The Love, Hope and Support That Heals  

"We're privileged to journey with our students through the Five Levels of Psalm 23's Recovery Program."

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Each level has been carefully designed and integrated to ensure the optimal conditions necessary for a successful and lasting recovery.

Students must demonstrate in word and actions a mastery of the principles of the Level before they can progress to the next. Through this powerful, inspiring and accountable process, we are making a real and lasting difference in the lives of those struggling with addiction - one person at a time. 

Level 1: Initial Assessment and Introduction 

30 days, where students entering the program gain a basic education about addiction and are exposed to the spiritual component of total recovery. 

Level 2: Intensive Recovery 

90 days, where students breakthrough denial, develop the ability to share and express feelings, cultivate a Christian spirituality that empowers the transformation of negative thought and behaviour patterns. 

Level 3: Life Planning 

20 days, where students gain job search skills, develop a relapse prevention plan and begin their integration into a supportive and healthy community environment. 

Level 4: Community Integration 

90 days, where students bridge off the welfare system, enroll in full time school or gain full time employment, engage in a home/church support group, re-establish family relationships and become actively involved in community service work.  

Level 5: Alumni/Discipleship 

Ongoing recovery maintenance, where students graduate the Psalm 23 program, become Alumni who live in a supportive and healthy community environment, actively work their relapse prevention plan, be involved with a church and home support group and be a recovery sponsor to a new student in Phases 1 and 2.   

  Download Psalm 23's Program Application Form here: Psalm 23 - Application.pdf


Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery -

Meaningful Milestones and Achievements To Expect  

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"Through time, students develop the vital skills needed to not only permanently end their alcohol and/or drug abuse, but also to achieve other rewarding life and career milestones." 

As students progress through the Program's five levels, they gain essential mental, emotional and spiritual insights into the root causes of their addiction. With this deepening awareness and accelerated personal growth, they learn empowering new ways of thinking, relating and behaving.

Through time, students develop the vital self-care and personal management skills needed to not only to permanently end their alcohol and/or drug abuse, but also to achieve other rewarding life and career milestones. These life changing achievements often include: 

  • completing their GED education  
  • learning a valuable job related skill such as using computers, cooking, woodworking, catering, construction, building maintenance or recycling  
  • regaining their driver's license    
  • public speaking to share their recovery testimony   
  • getting into good physical shape   
  • reuniting with their spouse, children and family members   
  • getting gainful employment 
  • learning to lead and mentor others  
  • bridging off the welfare system   
  • becoming financially responsible and self-sufficient   
  • giving back of their time and talents to the community; and... 
  • many other richly rewarding experiences.  

These achievements are recognized and celebrated not only within The Psalm 23 community of students, friends, relatives and Alumni, but also by the community at large at outreach events, fundraising activities and public addiction educational workshops. Learn more about the Power of Community here. 

Download Psalm 23's Program Application Form here: Psalm 23 - Application.pdf


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