Psalm 23 Volunteer Opportunities

 Psalm 23 Addiction Recovery Volunteer

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"IF you're looking for a truly satisfying opportunity to serve, we can't think of a better way to make a life changing difference than to reach out to those in desperate need - men and women who struggle with homelessness, poverty and alcohol and/or drug addictions." 

With the main Psalm 23 Recovery Training Centre in 59 Mile and two Alumni residences in Abbotsford,  there are numerous volunteer opportunities for individuals, church groups, schools, service organizations and businesses to get involved in. 

Every year, we are involved with community outreach and fundraising events where we greatly appreciate volunteer support. As well, many "hands, hearts and feet" are needed as we move forward with our exciting vision of building Village of Hope - a holistic, Christian healing community for all people.   

We believe everyone has a God-given gift they can use to contribute to the lives of those less fortunate. If you're interested in volunteering with Psalm 23, please contact us at 604-870-5616 or We would enjoy setting up a time to go over areas that may be of interest to you.

Here are a few great ways to get involved...

1. Be a driver for our student residents. 

        - help get them to their AA meetings or church

2. Use your administrative talents in the Psalm 23 office.

         - answer phones, work on the computer, do bookkeeping, data entry

         - daily, weekly or monthly opportunities available

3. Provide a home cooked meal.

         - a great way for a group or family to make a difference

4. Teach baking or help out in the kitchen.

         - show students how to bake that homemade pie

         - share your special recipe

          - teach how to make homemade jams or do some canning

5. Do some gardening.

          - help grow fresh fruits, vegetables or flowers

          - do landscaping or yard maintenance

6. Lead morning devotions.

7. Provide a worship evening.

8. Lead or participate in a bible study.

          - share your insights from scripture

          - lead a study as an individual or as a group

9. Share your personal testimony.

10. Provide "one on one" support.

          - be a spiritual mentor

          - offer emotional and moral support

          - be a guide or sponsor in AA Step work

          - help residents do their Step 5

11. Participate in a games night.

          - have fun teaching students a new game

12. Lead a chapel night.

          - sing, share and worship with our residents

13. Be a volunteer at a Psalm 23 fundraising and outreach event.

          - help out with kitchen prep work and cooking

          - do set-up and take down

          - be one of the greeters, decorators and/or servers

          - help with cleaning up after the event

14. Provide health care - doctors, dentists and health nurses.

         - be part of a health care team 

         - makes visits to help with ongoing health issues of our residents

         - teach a wellness class 

         - provide nutrition/health information

15. Teach an academic or career related subject.

         - needed for upgrading education through the Virtual School

         - teach computer and typing skills

         - help with resume writing or job search skills

16. Volunteer your professional services.

          - donate your skills in areas of plumbing, electrical,

            construction, house, furnace & heating maintenance

          - provide professional counselling and prayer counselling 

           - facilitate courses such as Life Skills or First Aid

           - teach the Food Safe course

17. Share your business experience.

           - come and offer your business wisdom

           - teach students what employers are looking for


If you're interested in volunteering with Psalm 23,

please contact us at 604-870-5616 or