Why Give To Psalm 23? 

"At Psalm 23, we are committed to never turning away any man or woman in desperate need of food, shelter and recovery support, due to a lack of money. "


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We know all too well there are only few rare windows of opportunity when an individual suffering from addiction is ready and willing to enter the recovery process.

By giving to Psalm 23, you will allow us to reach people in their time of greatest need, bring healing to hurting families being torn apart by addiction, as well as support us in strengthening the wellbeing of our communities.

To Help Change A Life

What can be more fulfilling than knowing you're helping to turn around - and perhaps even save - another person's life? For those struggling with addiction who simply cannot afford treatment, recovering a healthy, productive life can seem like an impossibile, far away dream. But you can help make their hope of recovery a reality with a life changing gift to this work.

To Strengthen A Family

Helping one person recover heals the whole family. Your gift can help restore marriages and families being torn apart by addiction-associated spousal abuse, domestic violence and child neglect. When a home becomes addiction free, families are made stronger and the children are made safer. Your support will allow us to offer more marriage counselling and parenting skills classes to our residents and their family members.

To Make A Difference In The Community

Drugs and crime have long been linked. People suffering from addiction are more likely to commit crimes ranging from petty theft and drug dealing to robbery, assault and murder. Addiction contributes to the rapid spread of diseases such as HIV and hepatitis through needle sharing and dangerous sexual behaviour. It also accounts for significant absenteeism, lost productivity, and accident-proness - both in the workplace and on the road.

Your gift will enable Psalm 23 to play our part in creating stronger, safer and healthier communities. By helping people exit the streets, we not only reduce drug abuse, homelessness, the spread of communicable diseases and crime, but we also become a source of clean, sober and job ready employees for local socially conscious businesses.

To Be A Part of The Exciting Vision of Building "Village of Hope at 59 Mile"

By contributing to Psalm 23, you will enable us to continue building towards our Vision of Village of Hope at 59 Mile - a holistic Christian healing community of recovery and restoration for all people. Your gifts here will produce multiplied benefits for individuals, families and communities for generations to come!

How To Make A Financial Donation

1. By Phone: Interact or credit cards can be called into the Psalm 23 office: 604-870-5616

2. By Mail: Cheques can be made out to "Psalm 23 Transition Society" and sent to:

Psalm 23 Transition Society

3427 Clearbrook Road

Abbotsford, BC V2T 4P1

3. Online: To make a donation via PayPal with your credit card, click here: